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It takes time and care to build the unique instruments that come out of our workshop. And, we will work with your design and graphics to create your own special guitar. If there is a style you are looking for, we can build it.

If you have an idea for a graphic design, we can help create it. If you can envision what your guitar will look like, we can make it for you. We have gone to great lengths to acquire the best graphic artists and painters in the area who have the talent we are looking for to design GBA guitars. Your band may be looking to make a statement. Perhaps you already have a custom design that you want your guitar to match. The talented artists in our workshop have the capacity to paint whatever you have in mind.

Custom Electric Guitars

We only use the best quality components available on the market, many of which are custom built just for us. All our bodies are direct replacements for Fender style Stratocaster®, Telecaster® and Bass guitars. All our bodies and necks are custom cut in our shop for electric guitars. Acoustic guitars require a deeper experience level as we build your guitar from select fine woods to finished beautiful instruments. Not only do they look gorgeous, but also the tone is incredible. We use only the best quality hardware produced by some of the industries best manufacturers, some being custom designed to meet our needs. We've partnered with Rumplestiltskin to offer special hand-wound pickups designed just for GBA. If you are not familiar with Rumplestilitskin, you are in for a real treat!

This is YOUR guitar, as you envision it. Remember, the GBA collection is not just another guitar, but a work of art built with care and love that both the collector and musician can truly revere and respect. We create studio quality instruments, which means each of the guitars are unique, one of a kind. Many artists play them right on stage, while others add them to their collection because all our work is show quality.

Environmentally Conscious

We are very aware of endangered woods, and rapidly reducing rainforests. We only use woods that are sustainable, and support the strict laws enforced to stop illegal import and export of endangered species of wood. For every tree that is harvested, one needs to be planted to replace our forests from around the world. Yes, there are some very beautiful woods that are restricted for use, but don't forget there are many other just as beautiful and great tone woods available for our industry.