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Guitar Body Art started in 2011 as a custom Fender® guitar or bass body replacement. We offered high-end designed bodies that could just be swapped out with your favorite guitar, giving it that unique one of a kind look. Our shop quickly turned that into building complete custom guitars, not just replacement bodies.

We then added building Acoustic guitars and Ukulele's. The Acoustic and Ukulele's took on a whole different approach to building a guitar. Mark fell in love with this artistic craft, as it was a natural progression with his background working with wood and high tolerances creating patterns. This also demanded knowing the qualities and benefits of different species of wood.

Mark King, Luthier

Mark was trained in his craft with wood design and knowledge back in 1978 when he served in the U.S. Navy. There, his background with wood started as a Patternmaker. This trade is a long lost art of making patterns to duplicate replacement parts for Navy ships that were no longer available to order. In short, as an example, if there was the need for a broken impeller pump, the old decade broken part was then reverse engineered into a mechanical drawing.

The drawings were then used to create the exact replacement impeller pump from different woods for use as a pattern. This pattern was then used to create a mold for melted metal to be poured and cooled, creating a perfect replacement part. This process required the knowledge of what species of wood for the different components of the pattern to be used. Some were soft, others hard, sometimes a blend was required for intricate design. Mark worked with extremely fine detailed patterns, as there was no room for error. This training and knowledge of wood and the art to create finely detailed wood items using mostly hand tools, transitioned beautifully to his work as a Luthier (guitar builder).

Mark has trained under master builders Robbie O'Brien, Kent Everett and Ervin Somogyi. He has built guitars for hobby musicians, local bands and touring professional bands. A Grammy has been won for Album of the Year by one of our artists playing guitars built for his tour.

Mark is a member of the Guild of American Luthiers and National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM).

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